ATV Accidents in Highland a Risk of Child Injury

During this time of the year, many residents throughout the area pull out their all-terrain vehicles (ATV) to carouse the town, or for some off-road run. The weather pefect, the sun is shining and residents get to enjoy some time away from work and school.

ATV accidents can ruin an otherwise good time and can often be quite serious. In recent weeks, there have been at least three ATV accidents in Bartholomew County and elsewhere nearby. According to NECN, officials are taking these accidents as a warning and are working to raise awareness about the dangers through the summer and fall riding seasons.One of the first accidents happened near Indianapolis when a 14-year-old was riding his ATV on South County Road. When he swerved to miss a dog, his ATV flipped over and landed on top of him. The young rider was taken to Columbus Regional Hospital where he was treated for a broken leg.

Our Highland personal injury attorneys understand that a man from Scipio died last month after an ATV accident in northwest Jennings County. This rider died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. This ATV accident happened as a result of loose gravel and asphalt on the side of the road.

Also in June, two young girls suffered from serious head injuries after they were thrown from an ATV that their father was driving. This ATV accident was a rollover as well. In both of these incidents, none of the riders were wearing a helmet or any other form of safety equipment.

Some ATV accidents can lead to injuries as minor as bruises, burns, scrapes and cuts. But each year there are riders who die or suffer life-altering brain injuries. Regardless, ATV injuries of all kinds can be minimized when the proper safety precautions are taken and safe driving habits are practiced.

Make sure that riders always wear protective equipment. Never allow a young rider to ride an ATV that’s suitable for an adult. Make sure that each rider is riding on an age-appropriate ATV. Children’s ATVs are typically slower and smaller. It’s also a wise idea to stay off of our state’s roadways and stay away from cars and trucks.

Believe it or not, ATVs are not designed to be ridden on the road. Their steering systems and brakes are designed for off-road use. In many Indiana counties it’s even illegal to ride these vehicles on roads.

According to, there were more than 315 people who died in ATV accidents across the U.S. in 2010. In addition to these fatalities, there were another 120,000 people injured.

We’re asking all riders to make sure that they’re using these vehicles safely and correctly. These accidents are avoidable with safe and smart riding practices. Be safe and enjoy!

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