Common Causes of Indiana Truck Accidents

Truck accidents may occur for any number of reasons. From a driver’s negligence to a defective part, even a single truck accident might have more than one cause. No matter the cause, truck accident victims likely have significant medical expenses or missed paychecks as they recover from their injuries. Understanding the causes of a truck accident is an important step toward receiving a damages award that compensates for your harm.

For example, a recent news article reported a Greenfield, Indiana crash involving four semi-trucks. The trucks were driving in the westbound lanes on the highway as one semi-truck attempted to pass another. The driver, who believed the other truck would crash into him, swerved into a concrete barrier. He then hit the other semi-truck he was passing. In the eastbound lane, a semi-truck struck the same concrete wall. In total, four semi-trucks were involved in the crash, and one caught on fire. One driver suffered minor injuries.

What Are the Causes of Truck Accidents?

Even a single truck accident can have multiple causes. The clearest cause is the truck driver’s negligence. Driving while drowsy or under the influence of drugs or alcohol can impact drivers’ ability to control their trucks. In addition, distracted driving is common cause of auto accidents. Drivers who attempt to “multitask” on the road cannot react quickly to changes in the flow of traffic. For example, if a car slows down in response to traffic, a distracted driver may rear-end the car if they are not paying attention. Distracted truck drivers can cause especially serious harm due to the heavy weight of a typical truck. On the other hand, a truck accident may result from another driver’s negligence. For instance, a truck driver might swerve to avoid a car that attempts to change lanes without checking their mirrors. Occasionally, truck accidents do not result from a driver’s negligence. A faulty part or a poorly designed piece of equipment could lead to an accident even if all drivers exercised reasonable care.

Can You Sue a Driver’s Employer After an Indiana Truck Accident?

In Indiana, you may be able to sue a negligent truck driver’s employer for your injuries under the doctrine of respondeat superior. To hold an employer liable, you must prove the driver was completing a task for the employer during scheduled working hours that furthered the employer’s business in some way. Showing an employer can be “vicariously liable” for their employee’s actions is only the first step to pursuing your claim. You must then show that the driver owed you a duty of care, breached that duty, caused the accident, and that you suffered harm as a result.

Do You Need an Indiana Truck Accident Attorney?

If you or someone close to you has suffered injuries in an Indiana truck accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case. Attorney Burton A. Padove has nearly four decades of experience representing accident victims in Indiana personal injury cases, including truck accidents. Through Attorney Padove’s experience and skill, he will pursue the compensation your family deserves. For a free initial consultation, call 877-446-5294. Calling is free, and we will not bill you for our representation unless we can recover compensation on your behalf.

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