Factors Affecting the Severity of an Indiana Bicycle Accident

The warmer months often bring an increasing use of bicycles. Although cycling is an important form of sustainable travel and can positively impact overall health, it also presents some unique dangers to road users. Cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists are a vulnerable class of road users prone to serious injuries after an Indiana car accident.

A vulnerable road user refers to those who occupy space in an area dominated by larger vehicles, such as cars and trucks. As such, in an accident, these users are more likely to suffer fatal injuries because they are not enclosed inside a vehicle. For instance, a recent government agency reported a fatal accident between a biker and a sedan. The biker was peddling in a southbound lane around 10:00 p.m. when a sedan approached from the rear. The sedan and bicyclist attempted a lane change, and the front right of the sedan slammed into the biker, ejecting the biker into the opposite lane. The sedan driver then lost control of his vehicle and veered off the road and into a sign. The sedan driver then regained control but ultimately struck a tree. The bicyclist succumbed to his injuries at the hospital; the sedan driver did not suffer injuries in the incident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) approximately 2 percent of motor vehicle fatalities involve bicyclists. A biker’s age, helmet use, speed of the car, and time of day are factors that influence the severity of an accident. While data indicates a decline in youth bicycle deaths, deaths among cyclists age 20 and older have tripled over 40 years. Moreover, the leading cause of bike-related deaths involves head injuries. Despite widespread knowledge regarding the importance of helmets, underutilization continues to be a problem.

Further, as expected, the speed limits and traffic environments also impact the likelihood of a severe Indiana biking accident. The IIHS reports that bicycle deaths were highest in July and August in the last reporting year. Finally, most of the fatal accidents occurred between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., indicating that rush hour is a dangerous time for bikers.

In some cases, cyclists may face the same inherent bias that many motorcyclists experience. However, an attorney can help bikers present their case for damages in a factually sound and compelling manner.

Have You Suffered Injuries in an Indiana Bike Accident?

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