Halloween Info and Tips to Prevent Injury in Highland

Halloween is right around the corner and kids across the state are gearing up for some serious trick-or-treating. Haunted houses are spooking neighborhoods, witches are flying though treetops and jack-o-lanterns are lighting up the late-night sky. During this time of year, your child faces some of the most haunting risks for child injury in Highland and elsewhere throughout the state.Our Indiana personal injury attorneys ask that all ghosts and goblins be extra careful on the 31st, whether trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, attending a Halloween party or venturing through a haunted house. Dangers lurk around everyone corner and serious injury could result if we’re not careful. To help keep little monsters and rock stars safe this Halloween, we’d like to share a few simple safety tips that can help to keep everyone safe.

Southern Indiana Pediatrics offers these safety tips for safe Halloween fun:


-Consider face paint instead of a mask for your child’s costume. Masks can obstruct your child’s vision and can present serious danger when trick-or-treating.

-Make sure your child’s costume is flame-resistant and the face makeup is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

-Suit your little goblins up in comfortable shoes. Also make sure that their costumes fit appropriately so they’re not prone to trip and fall.

-Be sure that all children who trick-or-treat after the sun sets have reflective tape on their costumes or are carrying a flashlight.

Pumpkin Carving

-Never let a small child carve a pumpkin. Let your child draw on a customized pumpkin-face design with a permanent marker. Children ages 5 to 10 should be allowed to carve pumpkins only if they have special pumpkin cutters that come equipped with safety bars.

-When you can’t use artificial light, it’s best to use a votive candle in a pumpkin.

-Make sure that all lighted pumpkins are placed on a sturdy surface. They shouldn’t be set near curtains or other flammable objects.

-Never leave a candle-lit pumpkin unattended.

Sweet Treats

-Consider handing out healthy treats or other non-food items like spider rings, pencils, stickers or bubbles.

-Never allow your child to snack on candy while trick-or-treating. Make sure they’re fed before they head out hunting for treats.

-Parents should examine all candy before handing any over to children. Remove any items that have been opened or tampered with.

-Remove all choking hazards from your child’s treat bag. This includes peanuts, gum, small toys and hard candies.

Halloween at Home

-Make sure that your house is kid-proof for trick-or-treaters. Remove all trip hazards from your driveway, sidewalk and front door.

-Make sure that all exterior lights are working.

-Make sure that walking surfaces are dry and are clear of leaves and other yard debris.

For information on Halloween events in Indiana, visit the Muncie Free Press website.

Halloween is for every one of all ages. Remember to keep these safety tips in mind to help prevent injuries. Maybe it you’re nice to your little trick-or-treater, he or she will share some of the sweets with you. Happy Halloween!

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