Highland Injury Attorneys & Your Risks of an Autumn Traffic Accident

In just a few days, on November 4th, we’re going to get an extra hour of sleep. Unfortunately, with it will come an increased risk of traffic accidents through the remainder of the year.

Because our mornings are going to start later with the end of Daylight Savings Time, many of us are going to be making our evening commutes in the dark. It’s not just the drivers that are going to be affected. It’s also the evening pedestrians and bicyclists that are at serious risks, too.Our Highland personal injury attorneys understand that accidents during this time of the year are much more likely. The weather is deteriorating and November is also the deadliest month of the year for traffic crashes involving deer.

Risks of Deer Accidents:

-Indiana is ranked the 8th most dangerous state for these kinds of accidents.

-October, November and December are the most dangerous months.

-There are more than 1 million deer-car accidents every year.

-About 200 people are killed, 10,000 are injured and vehicle damage results in close to $1 billion annually.

-About 60 percent of the people who are killed in these accidents are not wearing a seat belt when the accident happens.

Most of the crashes resulting in serious or fatal injuries occur when the driver loses control of the vehicle and drives off the road or into oncoming traffic. Even when dealing with your own car insurance company, talking with an attorney can best help you protect your rights and can help you to gain the compensation that you deserve.

Your chance of hitting a deer in the next 12 months is 1 in 160, according to Wane.com. Another common problem we’re going to have to deal with out there are the risks associated with winter driving.

Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips, from the Indiana Department of Transportation:

-Check weather and traffic reports before heading out.

-Make sure your windshield is clear of snow and ice before starting.

-Be on the lookout for black ice. Be cautious when driving through intersections, bridges, off-ramps and shady areas. These are all hot spots for black ice.

-Leave early and allow yourself plenty of time to get where you need to be to avoid rushing.

-Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel as visibility may be reduced because of weather conditions.

-Go slow, even if you have a vehicle that is 4-wheel drive. With more powerful vehicles, you may be able to take off faster, but you’re more than likely not able to slow down any faster.

-When you know you’re going to brake — brake early and brake slowly!

-Be cautious when traveling near snow plows. Allow them plenty of room when passing.

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