Highland Injury Lawyers Encourage Safe Halloween

Most people think of Halloween as a time for fun and treats. However, about four times as many children aged 5-14 are killed while walking on Halloween night compared with other night of the year. And falls are a leading cause of injuries among children on this spooky holiday.

Many Halloween-related injuries can be prevented if parents closely supervise school-aged children during trick-or-treat activities.

According to Indiana State Police (ISP), many communities, schools and churches offer children safe alternatives to trick-or-treating designed to keep children safely within parents’ view. Some hospitals and schools allow children to trick-or-treat by going from room to room virtually eliminating the dangers associated with being out walking on the street after dark.

Our Highland injury lawyers understand that each year at Halloween, young children are at greatest risk. Accidents occur, sometimes as a result of strangers, but often through the carelessness of parents. That’s why we’re here, with officials with the ISP to help to ensure that everyone has a safe Hallow’s Eve.

Halloween Costume Safety:

-Avoid theatrical and non-prescribed contact lenses. There are a lot of teens who will attempt to change their eye color to resemble a favorite vampire or zombie. Without proper care, infection could incur.

-Stay away from masks. You don’t want to obstruct your child’s vision. You want to make sure they can see their surroundings and the traffic around them. Opt for face paint instead.

-Make sure all children are equipped with safe and secure shoes. Properly-fitted sneakers are your best bet.

-When selecting a costume, try to make sure that it’s flame-retardant. You also want it to fit properly. Avoid loose ends and other hazards that may contribute to a trip and fall accident.

Halloween Candy Safety:

-Tell children not to accept — and, especially, not to eat–anything that isn’t commercially wrapped.

-Feed Children before heading out. You don’t want them snacking on candy before you’ve inspected each piece.

-Toss out any candy that is homemade or looks questionable.

-Only accept candy from neighbors or neighborhoods you’re familiar with.

Halloween Pedestrian Safety:

-Children under the age of 12 should not be allowed to trick-or-treat without adult supervision.

-Caution youngsters not to drink any beverages offered to them while trick-or-treating.

-Ensure his emergency information (name, number, and address) are somewhere on his clothes or on a bracelet if you’re not going to be with them.

-Pick places where there are sidewalks or paths separated from traffic if possible.

-Stop at the curb and look left, right and left again for traffic.

-Always cross the road at an intersection. You should always use a crosswalk.

-If it’s getting dark, make sure you have a flashlight and reflective materials on your costume to help ensure that drivers can see you.

-Be sure that you review pedestrian safety tips with your kids. Children may get excited on Halloween – or think that the regular rules don’t apply on this holiday. But you want to make certain that they remember all of the normal safety precautions about crossing the street, walking on roads, and looking both ways.

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