Indiana Divorce Often Stems From Major Life Challenges, Changes

While most of us get married believing the union is going to weather life’s storms, the reality is those storms get the best of many of us.

Some of the major life changes that often precede divorce include:

  • Illness
  • Job changes
  • Having children
  • Living apart
  • Trauma
  • Becoming Empty-Nesters
  • Infidelity

Take for example the issue of illness. A recent study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior revealed marriages were 6 percent more likely to end in divorce when the wife was diagnosed with a serious illness, as compared to unions in which the wife remained healthy.

The data analyzed some 2,700 marriages in which at least one partner was over the age of 50. Interestingly, the husband’s health – or lack thereof – did not impact whether the couple would divorce, though researchers were quick to point out that could be for a myriad of reasons.

Another catalyst often cited is change of job. A study conducted by The Ohio State University in 2011 found men who are unemployed or under-employed are more likely to leave their wives, and also more likely to be left by their wives. There could be a lot of reasons, but we all know stresses about money, uneven responsibilities and an overall missing sense of security can result in dissatisfaction in a marriage. It’s not just job loss, but a shift in anything that affects your schedules and finances may have a negative impact on the union.

Children too are another reason couples cite for their split. It’s important to note of course that it is never the fault of the child. Rather, it often stems from the irreconcilable differences that can arise from having children. A new baby is a great joy, but also a huge stress. If a couple – or half of the couple – is not prepared to take on the physical, emotional and financial challenges of a baby, it can put enormous strain on a marriage. The flip side of this of course is that some couples indicate children are the reason they stayed together perhaps much longer than they should have.

Another test many couples find challenging is living apart. This is a major issue for military families. A study conducted in 2013 by the RAND Corporation indicated the risk of divorce for military families was directly relative to the amount of time they had spent overseas. Not only are veterans of war having to cope with extended time away, but re-adjustment to civilian life can be incredibly difficult.

Meanwhile, those who choose to live apart for other reasons temporarily don’t fare quite as bad, mostly because they aren’t facing all the same kinds of problems. But such distance can certainly compound existing trust issues and highlight other underlying problems.

Our Hammond divorce attorneys recognize that because divorce often stems from significant challenges and is itself often a trauma, you need a trusted legal advocate who can help make vital decisions on issues like child custody, child support and division of assets. There are times when it’s best to launch an aggressive fight, and times where it’s best to compromise. It’s our job to help you identify which is which, and to help guide you to the next – brighter – chapter.

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