Indiana Is Seeing a Rise in Motorcycle Accidents During the Summer Months

A recent Indiana news report described the increasing rate of motorcycle accidents in the state. Reporters followed up with a woman whose father suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident last month. The man was riding his motorcycle with a passenger when an SUV driver slammed into his motorcycle. Authorities discovered that the woman was driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.205%. As such, they charged her with a Level 5 felony causing serious bodily injury when operating a vehicle. The hospital released the man into a rehabilitation facility; however, he is still experiencing brain bleeds.

That accident only adds to the harrowing number of serious motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities in the state. The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and Bureau of Motor Crash and accident reports reveal that 138 motorcyclists suffered fatal injuries in an accident in 2020, up from 113 the prior reporting year. While motorcyclists account for less than 2% of crash data, they result in over 15% of all Indiana traffic deaths. The disparity in numbers highlights how dangerous motorcycle accidents tend to be for riders and passengers.

The majority of these accidents occur during the summer, where the temperate conditions bring more motorcyclists onto the road. In addition, statistics indicate that an increase in reckless behavior such as driver inattention and speeding all add to the likelihood of an accident. However, drugs and alcohol are the leading cause of fatal accidents in Indiana. In addition, motorcycle riders who do not wear a helmet drastically increase their risk of serious injuries.

State officials acknowledge that motorcycle riding is a great recreational activity, so long as it is done safely. Authorities are urging all motorists to be aware of their surroundings when traveling on Indiana roadways. While automobiles tend to be safer than motorcycles, it is likely due to the protection that vehicle drivers and passengers have, as vehicles are one of the biggest dangers to motorcyclists. Further, motorcycle safety experts advise bikers to refrain from driving impaired while using cell phones or during inclement weather conditions.

Those who suffer injuries in an Indiana motorcycle accident should consult with an experienced attorney to discuss their rights and options for recovery. These accidents tend to result in serious injuries, and rehabilitation can be a lengthy and daunting process. It is critical that victims and their families have access to the funds that appropriate and complete treatment requires.

Have You Suffered Injuries in an Indiana Motorcycle Accident?

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