Indiana Product Liability Lawsuits After an Accident Caused by a Defective Tire

Motorcycle riding is a popular form of transportation and leisure throughout the country. Insurance companies and the media often portray motorcycling as an inherently dangerous activity. As a result, after an Indiana motorcycle accident, people assume that liability falls on the biker. However, like many other popular-held beliefs, these depictions often unfairly group motorcyclists into a group of reckless and unsafe individuals. In reality, the vast majority of bikers understand the ways to protect themselves and others from harm. Some common forms of protection include wearing protective gear such as element-proof clothing and helmets and practicing defensive driving. However, bikers cannot control the negligent acts of other road users. Moreover, bikers often experience injuries in an accident because of a defective or unsafe issue with their motorcycles or protective gear.

For instance, Indiana news reports recently recounted a tragic fatal Indiana motorcycle crash near the Notre Dame Exit. Investigators explained that the biker was heading east when his motorcycle experienced a potential tire failure. The tire failure caused the biker to lose control of the bike, throwing him and his passenger onto the road. The bike continued until stopping in the median. The bike passenger died at the accident scene, and the operator was transported to the hospital for serious injuries.

As the above case illustrates, motorcycle tire failures can have devastating consequences for bikers, their passengers, and anyone in the vicinity of the bike. In some cases, a tire failure may stem from a gradual leak, and in others, the tire may explode unexpectedly. Loss of pressure in the front wheel may cause an unexpected change in direction or cause the bike to overturn. Similarly, loss of pressure in the back wheel can result in imbalance and cause the bike to veer out of control.

In some fortunate cases, bikers may retake control of the vehicle and avoid a crash quickly. However, this is not always possible, and a rider may still be in danger if they cannot safely get to a shoulder or a safe area. Although unsafe motorcycle parts can create dangerous situations, injury victims or their loved ones must establish that the defective element was a significant reason for the accident. The inherent bias against motorcycles and bikers makes this an exceedingly challenging task. An experienced attorney can help bikers understand their rights and remedies after an accident.

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