Indiana Products Liability Lawsuits after Congressional Report on Tainted Baby Food

Food poisoning and food-related illnesses make their way through the news cycle every year. In some cases, the spread is limited to a few select products and corporations, grocery stores, and restaurants can take swift steps to remove the tainted products. However, some food poisoning and tainted food products result in serious and potentially long-term illnesses, giving rise to an Indiana products liability lawsuit.

Food poisoning and tainted food discoveries often come after several people become sick from consuming the product. However, in some situations, products come under scrutiny when the public becomes concerned about ingredients and safety standards. One such cause for concern revolves around heavy metals found in various baby food items and juices. Although, heavy metals are naturally found in soil, the amount found in many baby food products is concerning to many.

Heavy metals in baby food products is not a novel issue, as it has been the topic of various research studies over the past decade. However, following a 2019 study and a congressional report released in early February, many parents are reevaluating how they feed their children. Several popular baby food companies participated in the study; however, many declined to cooperate.

The findings revealed that many baby foods and juices contain dangerous arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury levels. Although these metals are present in our environment and soil, some agricultural and manufacturing practices increase the amount found in foods. The study acknowledged the challenges associated with removing heavy metals from food. However, some chemical methods and additives can reduce the level of metals. Although the data is limited, studies suggest that these metals can be dangerous to the cognitive development of babies and children.

Parents who believe that their child has suffered injuries because of a tainted baby food product, should contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies. In addition to tainted baby food, many infant and child products can pose dangers. Parents must remain vigilant regarding the items their children frequently consume or play with.

Indiana products liability laws provide recourse to those who suffer injuries because of dangerous items. These lawsuits usually fall under strict product liability, negligence, or breach of warranty claims. It is essential to contact an attorney because establishing liability and apportioning fault requires a thorough understanding of complex tort laws.

Have You Suffered Injuries Because of a Tainted Food Product?

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