Indiana Resident Involved in Out-of-State Accident

Cars are designed to move, and while many car accidents occur close to home, they can happen anywhere at any time. When drivers or passengers suffer injuries while out of state, they may experience challenges and confusion regarding their rights and remedies. Generally, Indiana victims who suffer injuries in another state can file a lawsuit where the defendant resides or where the car accident occurred. For instance, an Indiana victim who suffers injuries in an Illinois accident may file a claim in Illinois or where the defendant lives. Typically, the victim can only sue in Indiana if the defendant lives in Indiana or if they consent to be sued in the state.

Things can become further complicated when the defendant is a business entity, such as a truck driver or another business employee. In these situations, the plaintiff can file a lawsuit where the accident happened or where the business “resides.” Determining where the business resides involves ascertaining the state where the business was incorporated or where they have their principal place of business. However, injury victims may also sue in any state where the defendant has sufficient “minimum contacts.” Essentially, the law permits defendants to be sued in any state where they do business.

After determining where the lawsuit can be filed, the next step involves establishing which state’s laws apply to the matter. In most cases, the court will apply the law of the state where the incident occurred. It is important to note that auto insurance covers drivers regardless of where they are.

Recently, news reports described an accident involving an Indiana man in another state. According to Highway Patrol. A pickup truck veered into the center line and slammed into the Indiana man’s SUV. The SUV overturned, killing the Indiana man and causing injuries to three of his passengers. Emergency responders transported the pickup truck driver to a local hospital, where he remains in stable condition.

After an out-of-state accident, injury victims should take the same steps they would if the accident occurred in their home state. If possible, they should contact the police and 911 to report the incident. These accidents can have devastating consequences, and while the thought of pursuing a claim in another state may be daunting, attorneys can help victims understand their rights and remedies.

Have You Suffered Injuries in an Indiana Accident

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