Indiana Shopping Safety this Holiday Season

Black Friday is a day when retailers try to encourage shoppers to engage in a spending and shopping frenzy.

Unfortunately, sometimes shoppers get out of control. In recent years, shoppers have sprayed each other with pepper spray, fired weapons, and even trampled fellow bargain-hunters and store workers. Serious injuries and even deaths have resulted from what is supposed to be a fun holiday event, prompting some cautious shoppers to give up the entire day and turn to Cyber Monday online instead.

Of course, Black Friday is a long-held shopping tradition, a great way to spend time doing something fun with family after the holiday, and a good time to get amazing deals on some of the years best gifts. There’s no reason to give up the Black Friday fun, as long as you practice safe shopping.To help make sure your Black Friday experience is a safe one, our Highland injury lawyers have some Black Friday safe shopping tips.

Staying Safe in the Black Friday Crowd
While aggressive shoppers and big crowds create a dangerous situation, there are a few things you can do to try to make sure you stay safe:

  • Shop with a friend and stay together. You can look out for each other and help each other if one of you trips and falls.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that you can balance and walk in easily.
  • Note what your friends and family are wearing to make it easier to spot each other in a crowd. You should also plan a designated meet-up spot if you get separated, especially since cellular phones don’t always work in stores.
  • Note the exits when you enter into a store and walk away quickly if it seems like there is the potential for things to get out of hand. No deal is worth risking your safety.
  • Get help from store employees and security if you feel unsafe or threatened by a crowd or by an aggressive shopper.

The most important thing is to remember good safety principles and use common sense, avoiding getting caught up in the quest for the deals.

Avoiding Crime on Black Friday
Black Friday safety tips center around both staying safe in a crowd and preventing crime during a day when thieves may come out in droves. These safety tips from the National Crime Prevention Council should help to keep you safe from criminals who want to take advantage of the anonymity provided by Black Friday madness.

  • Never buy more than you can carry. If you plan to buy large items or lots of items, ask for a store employee to help or bring a friend.
  • Don’t take out your credit card or checkbook until you’ve been asked to pay. You may even consider using one-time use or disposable cards for added safety
  • Carry your purse close to you, or better yet, leave it at home and have a wallet on your person.
  • Keep your eyes out when approaching your car and check around the car and in the backseat. If you’re leaving bags in the car, put them in the trunk or out-of-sight.

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