Indiana Traffic Safety: Summer Road Trip Accident Risks

We may have passed the deadliest day to be on the road (July 4), but August 1 kicked off the deadliest month to be driving.According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more drivers died in the month of August than any other month of the year. This fact has held true every year since 1994. MSN MONEY reports that more than 90 people die each day during the month of August. That’s a fatality every 16 minutes. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), several of the deadliest days on our roadways occur during the month of August.

Our Highland car accident lawyers understand that many of you are using this time to get out and go on those summer vacations. Unfortunately, we can’t take a vacation from safety as your risks for a traffic collision on the way to and from your summertime destination are alarmingly high.

Officials believe that the risks are higher during this time because there are more people out on our roads and there are more miles being traveled. Whenever there is an increase in travel, there’s an increase in accidents as well. This is also why we’re likely to see more accidents during the weekend days. That’s when people are out running more errands and visiting places.

As a matter of fact, Saturdays are the most dangerous day of the week. In 2009, Saturdays averaged about 123 fatalities a day. Sundays were ranked as the second-deadliest day in 2009, with an average of 107 deaths, followed by Fridays with 102 average fatalities.

Wherever your summertime destination may be, it’s important that you take a minute to review some safe travel tips before heading out from Planning and prevention are the measures that are going to help to keep you safe:

Before You Go:

-Check the inflation in your tires. Proper tire pressure is going to help to prevent a breakdown or an accident.

-Look under your hood, make sure that all fluids are filled and belts are in good-working order.

-Check the lights in and out of your vehicle. Make sure that all are working properly.

-Make sure you windshield wipers work properly. In the middle of a rainstorm is not the time to figure this kind of information out.

On The Road:

-Stay off your phone and avoid all distractions while you’re behind the wheel. Driving needs your full attention.

-Make sure you share the road, especially with pedestrians. These individuals are just as vulnerable (if not more) than a bicyclist or a motorcyclist.

-Never drink and drive. Although you might want to let loose a little bit on your vacation, just make sure you don’t mix it with driving.

-Make sure you leave with plenty of time to spare so you can better avoid rushing and road rage.

-Know where you’re going. Behind the wheel is no time to mess with a GPS.

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