January is Known as Divorce Month in Indiana

Sadly, January has become a busy month for many Indiana divorce lawyers because for some reason, the first month of the new year tends to bring out the reality that the holiday season masked.

Fox News recently reported that nearly 24,000 divorces are granted each year in Arizona and many of them are initiated in the first month of the year.Divorce in Indiana can be painful during any month of the year. As humans, we are emotional and separating from a person can be a difficult experience. This sometimes is enhanced when the split comes right after the holidays.

Yet, sometimes this is done by design. Many couples know that their marriage is rocky and they are unlikely to continue it, despite their best efforts. If counseling and other tactics don’t work, it’s possible that they will try to make the holidays as “normal” as possible for the benefit of their children or family members before announcing their decision. This helps to keep the routine somewhat intact and keeps people from associating bad feelings with family gatherings in December.

Some lawyers surveyed for the article said they tend to receive twice as many divorce cases in January than in any other month. In most cases, the couples are planning the split for months in advance.

One man interviewed said he was heading to the courthouse to get divorced that afternoon. He said the divorce was in the works for a while, but finances prevented him from filing sooner. He said that people have to finish their taxes and realize what type of refund they may get before filing a divorce.

Finances, especially in recent years, have played a big role in when and whether people can get divorced. Many couples have decided to stay together more out of necessity than love. Splitting bills and daily costs is a lot easier than trying to do it alone.

Also, for those who have lost their jobs and may be having trouble paying bills, the hit to a person’s credit score can lead to difficulty qualifying to rent an apartment or house. That’s another reason people tend to stay together longer.

If a couple owns a house together, it is now seen more as a liability than an asset. For couples who are about to get divorced, this can also factor into why they are waiting. If housing prices are rebounding sooner than expected in their neighborhood, that may be a reason why they are now considering a divorce.

Whatever the reason and whatever the season, an Indiana divorce can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. An experienced Indiana divorce lawyer can take a lot of the stress and pressure off the client by simply doing his or her job. Avoiding contentious litigation or lengthy meetings where couples bicker and fight is only going to make matters worse. Strongly communicating the situation and working for an amicable resolution without massive interference from the court is always the best bet for each side.

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