Keeping Your Indiana Divorce Costs Down

When the economic recession hit, many people found themselves delaying filing for an Indiana divorce solely because of the cost.Even in cases where no major issues are contested and there are no child custody issues or real estate properties to divvy up, attorneys fees will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,200 to $2,000.

As the financial burdens have begun to lift for many folks, the divorce rate is once again on the rise. The answer of exactly how much a divorce is going to cost is a difficult one because every case is going to be different, and many times, fees are based upon the level of services you will require.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune trying to forge a new life.

Still, you should be wary of advertisements that promote a quick and easy filing for just a few hundred bucks. Usually, those are for cases where you and your ex have already hammered out all the details and all you need is for an attorney to give you a signature so you can have it all finalized. Often, divorce cases tend to be more complicated than most people realize at first. Keep in mind that investing those funds in an experienced attorney today can ultimately save you a great deal later on. That includes not only the protection of your future financial health, but also your quality of life as it pertains to the time and resources you have available for your children.

But beyond attorneys, you should anticipate that you’ll need to set aside some cash for the following:

  • Court costs;
  • Fees for early neutral evaluation;
  • Mediation costs;
  • Fees for parenting classes;
  • Costs to refinance;
  • Fees for record deeds.

One advantage that suburban Indiana divorce filers have is that typically, these fees tend to be less than what you will find in larger, metropolitan areas like Indianapolis.

However, there are still things you can do to drive down the costs, if you’re willing to spend some time to plan.

First, one of the biggest costs of a divorce is failing to fully understand the financial aspects and other consequences of a divorce settlement. This is why it is so important to have a good attorney. There are so many things that are wrapped up in these cases, including under-performing investments, hidden taxes and depreciating assets, not to mention language in the child custody agreement that can later come back to bite you. Problems with these kinds of things are what lead people to either head back to court to continue fighting (costing even more money) or going bankrupt simply as a result of the divorce terms. What you will spend upfront for a good attorney pales in comparison.

The old saying “Penny wise and pound foolish” highlights the risks of making legal choices based solely on cost.

Secondly, if there are areas upon which you and your spouse can agree, be amenable to compromise. If you are more willing to bend on some issues, you may have an easier time getting your way on others that may be more important to you – and also help speed up the process and in effect lower your overall costs.

Finally, sign a prenuptial agreement. Of course, it’s probably too late for that now. But if you have yet to marry, it’s one of the best ways to drive down the expense of a divorce.

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