Northwest and Central Indiana Interstates Dotted By Truck and Automobile Crashes This Winter

A 2008 National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Survey provided a number of conclusions concerning pre crash factors, including, but not limited to destructed driving, crash ability, road construction and environmental considerations.United States Department of Transportation Causation Survey.pdfAn assessment of the roadway design, environmental conditions, and participant interviews. Among such cases, roads slick with ice and other debris were the most frequent roadway-related critical causes of accidents.

The incredibly bad weather in Northwest and Central Indiana clearly reflects how the current icy and snowy weather and resulting slippery road surfaces have resulted in accident after accident. Perhaps the worst of which took place, January 23 2014, on Interstate 94, and US 421.The collision involved over 40 vehicles, including 15 tractor trailers and at least three fatalities. Whiteout conditions probably played a role making it difficult for truck and automobile drivers to see the road in from of them.

Just days ago, another multiple vehicle crash involving semi-trucks and other vehicles took place on Interstate 65, just outside Lafayette, Indiana. As a result, northbound and southbound. Lanes were closed for hours. Slick roads,winds, snow and fog limited visibility.

This kind of scenario has played out over and over throughout Indiana and Illinois. Padove Law’s experience with injury cases has taught us that no settlement or judgment amount for pain and suffering, medical expenses, disability and lost wages can truly compensate for a permanent condition that can last for a life time. The best lawsuit is the one that is not needed,so accident avoidance and prevention should be primary for every driver. The following suggestions should help to keep everyone on the road safe.

Since visibility and traction is critical, make sure that you do the following:
1) keep your windshield washer solvent filled with winter lend solvent,
2) replace your wipers regularly and keep,them free of accumulated ice,
3) clear your vehicle of snow, before driving.
4). keep your lights clear of all snow and ice, and before winter, remove all filmy buildup on your headlamps,
5) inspect the tread on your tires and replace tires as needed,
6) keep your tire pressure up to par, remember tires lose air in the cold,
7) drive at appropriate speeds considering the road and weather conditions as required by state law,
8) keep an increased distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you as it takes longer to stop in slick and wet conditions,
9) make sure that your brakes are in good working condition before winter starts,
10) avoid doing anything that takes a hand off of the steering wheel or that can be a distraction to you, including eating, drinking,changing stations or using a cell phone( even if hands free.

Remember we cannot control the weather, but we can control how we prepare for difficult driving conditions.

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