Nursing Home Neglect in Northern Indiana – Choosing a Home for Your Loved One

One sure fact with the retirement of the Baby Boomers is that nursing facilities will struggle to meet the demand in coming years.

According to NBC NEWS, the world is aging quickly. The Global AgeWatch Index shows us that there are a lot of countries out there that aren’t prepared to support the growing numbers of elderly people.

Our Gary nursing home abuse attorneys understand that one of the best ways to accommodate our elderly population is to make sure that our close friends and family members are placed in an affordable and trustworthy nursing home. According to the recent report, the U.S. has well over 60 million residents who are currently over the age of 60. These individuals account for more than 19 percent of our entire population. However, we rank 36th for income security. It was also noted just less than 83 percent of people over 65 are covered by a pension.

About 24 percent of people over 60 live in relative poverty.

When these individuals can no longer fend for themselves, they rely on close friends and family members for a helping hand.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a nursing home, so don’t jump on the cheapest home you can find. You should also consider the following, according toIndiana’s Comprehensive Care Facility Licensing and Certification Program:

-Gather all the information you can about a nursing home. Talk with the Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, (317) 232-7134 or (800) 622-4484, and ask for additional information about the facilities you may be considering.

-Visit with the nursing home. Make sure you visit several times, during both scheduled and unscheduled visits. You want to make sure that you’re seeing a nursing home when they’re not prepared — to see how they truly run.

-Look at the ratings of the homes. Contact the Indiana State Department of Health and inquire about survey findings and complaint reports for the facilities under consideration.

-Be sure to ask to speak with crucial leaders, including the executive director, lead physician and head nurse. If those people are not available, ask when you can meet with them. If you get the runaround, that could be a red flag.

-Check the ratings of potential Indiana nursing homes.

-Narrow down the choices. Talk with the staff about the admissions process. Talk with staff members about any concerns you have with the facility.

-Check the staffing at potential homes. Adequate staffing is critical to a safe and healthy environment. If the turnover rate is more than 30 percent, you may want to reconsider.

-Make sure that you stay in tune with the home once it’s selected. You should still visit regularly and stay close in your loved one’s ongoing care. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to bring them up.

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