One Passenger Dead in Indiana Truck Accident

Truck accidents can lead to significant injury. Following a truck accident, you may be left with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and emotional harm. To recover compensation for your injuries, you can bring a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver. A skilled Indiana personal injury attorney can help you create the strongest possible claim for recovery.

For example, a recent Indiana truck accident killed one passenger. The fatal accident occurred at an intersection and involved a pickup truck and a semi-truck. According to local officers, the pickup truck was sitting at the intersection’s red light when the semi-rear ended it, sending both trucks into a ditch. Sadly, a passenger inside the pickup truck died in the crash. The pickup truck driver was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash.

How Does a Jury Determine Truck Accident Damages Awards?

If a truck accident case goes to trial, a jury will determine the appropriate damages award owed to the injured plaintiff. Even if a case does not go to trial, plaintiffs must assert a damages amount in settlement negotiations that they believe will fairly compensate for their injuries. The amount of compensatory damages a plaintiff receives will depend on a number of factors. One major consideration is the medical expenses a plaintiff incurred as a result of the accident. After a truck accident, an injured plaintiff may have to pay hospital bills, surgery expenses, medication costs, or physical therapy bills. A damages award will often include these medical expenses. Accordingly, a plaintiff with severe injuries or who incurred higher expenses may receive a higher damages award. A physician who treated the plaintiff may be able to provide information about the plaintiff’s expected future medical expenses.

In addition to medical expenses, another factor that determines a plaintiff’s overall damages award is a loss of earnings. If plaintiffs’ injuries prevent them from working, they may be able to seek damages for lost earnings. While workers’ compensation can help defray this expense, a permanent injury may prevent a person from working in their profession. As a result, a damages award can include lost future earnings that the plaintiff would have otherwise received. When calculating lost future earnings, a jury may factor in the plaintiff’s age and likely year of retirement. Finally, a jury may award damages based on the emotional harm a plaintiff has suffered. This type of damages award is harder to quantify. To guide the jury’s calculations, the plaintiff may give testimony to demonstrate the extent of their pain and suffering.

Have You Been Injured in an Indiana Truck Accident?

If you have suffered injuries in an Indiana truck accident, contact Padove Law to discuss your case. Personal injury attorney Burton A. Padove possesses decades of experience representing Indiana accident victims. Attorney Padove has handled cases stemming from truck accidents, auto accidents, product liability, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. If you have questions about recovering damages for a truck accident, schedule a free consultation by calling 877-446-5294.


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