Recovering Financial Compensation After an Indiana DUI Car Accident

When car accidents occur, they are often the result of a driver’s carelessness or mistake. However, some accidents are the result of a driver’s conscious decision to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or some other illegal substance.  In either case, negligent or drunk drivers can be held accountable for their actions through an Indiana car accident lawsuit.

According to a recent news report, four children were killed when a semi-truck crashed into a car that was slowing down while passing through a construction zone on an Indiana interstate. Evidently, authorities found the car and semi-truck pulling a box trailer both on fire near the construction zone. Investigators believe the truck did not slow down when it approached slowed traffic near the construction zone and consequently crashed into the back of the car. This pushed the car into another semi-truck, resulting in an even larger crash.

Witnesses on the scene reported that the driver of the semi-truck that struck the car from behind was operating in an “erratic manner” before the accident occurred. Evidence showed that the stopped traffic was not a contributing factor to the crash, and that the driver had multiple drugs in his system when the accident occurred. Local authorities arrested the truck driver and charged him with four counts of reckless homicide, four counts of operating while intoxicated and causing death, and operating a car while intoxicated and causing serious bodily injury. Following a preliminary drug screening, authorities indicated that drugs were a contributing factor in the crash, and criminal charges would be forthcoming pending the results of the investigation.

In Indiana, if someone operates a vehicle while impaired by the effects of alcohol or other substances, they could lose your license and driving privileges. They can also be held liable for any injuries caused by the collision, through a personal injury lawsuit. DUI laws in Indiana can be extremely complicated, especially if an accident involves multiple substances or serious injuries. Following an accident, filing a claim or lawsuit may be the last thing on an accident victim’s mind. However, obtaining financial compensation in the wake of a serious accident can aid in the road to recovery. Thus, potential plaintiffs are advised to contact an experienced attorney who can evaluate your claim and help you understand which relevant laws apply to your case.

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