Steps to Take If Divorce is part of Your 2013 Plans

If you are trapped in an unhappy marriage, then the New Year may mark a time when you begin to consider your options and to think about what you want to do with the rest of your life. If divorce is on your agenda for 2013, then you should also start thinking practically about how you are going to get ready to dissolve your marriage.Our Hammond divorce lawyers urge you to start your preparation now if you are considering divorce. By getting your finances and personal situation in order and by starting the planning process for ending your marriage early, you can help to facilitate a fair and expedient divorce that results in a reasonable settlement for you and that doesn’t drag on for months of expensive and emotionally draining battles.

Steps to Take To Get Ready for Your 2013 Divorce
Here are a few key steps that you should take if you are considering getting divorced this year:

  • Make copies of all relevant financial paperwork and documents. In the early months of 2013, tax information will be sent out by employers, investment accounts, loan accounts and other businesses and entities you have a financial relationship with. Be sure to make copies of ALL financial forms and documents that come your way so that you’ll be prepared when it comes time to negotiate a financial settlement.
  • Start saving up some cash. When you are separated from your spouse, you’ll have to support two households instead of one. You need to have some money set aside so you can be prepared. You’ll also need some cash to pay for legal fees and divorce costs.
  • Apply for credit in your own name if you don’t have any credit already. You will need to have a credit history if you want to rent an apartment, get a car loan or get a credit card of your own.
  • Take an inventory of personal and marital property and write down the assets and debts that you have accumulated. This will help you to see where you stand financially and it will also give you a good jumping off point when you start the negotiation process during your divorce.
  • Stop posting personal details on your social network or sending emails that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. When you post things online or send emails, you leave an electronic trail behind that could cause you some serious problems when it comes time to divorce.
  • Evaluate your health insurance situation. If you are on your spouse’s plan, then start to think about what your options will be post divorce. You may have only a limited amount of time to enroll in a plan with your own company during an open enrollment period and you should find out when that is and whether you will be eligible if you suspect you’ll be divorcing and losing coverage.

Finally, the last and most important step to take is to talk to an experienced divorce lawyer. The earlier you speak to an attorney, the more informed you will be about how to prepare for divorce and about what your rights will be during the divorce process.

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