Students Head Back to School and Risks of School Bus Accidents in Indiana Increase this August

It’s that time of the year again when students head back to school. It’s also a time when we start seeing more injuries and deaths as a result of school bus accidents in Indiana and elsewhere in the country. In an attempt to reduce the risks of potentially fatal accidents involving our big, yellow buses, the Indiana State Police has issued a number of school bus safety tips that parents are urged to review with their children.Our Highland personal injury attorneys understand that more than 25 million young students across the country ride the school bus to school every year. Unfortunately, there are a number of injuries and deaths each year because of accidents involving school transportation. It has been estimated, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), that more than 130 people die every year as a result of traffic accidents that involve a school bus. The Administration also estimates that roughly 11,000 people are injured in these incidents.

To help keep our young bus riders safe, the Indiana State Police offers the following school bus safety tips:

-Make sure that your child can fit everything that they need to take to school with them in their backpack so there are less distractions for them while boarding the bus.

-Make sure they’re at least 5 minutes early to the bus stop so that they’re not forced to rush.

-Always make sure that young children are supervised by a responsible adult at the bus stop.

-Make sure that your child knows to wait at least 3 giant steps, or 6 feet, away from the road when waiting for the bus to arrive.

-Require that your child stays on the curb until the bus driver signals to them that it’s okay that they approach the bus.

-Tell your child that if they drop something near the bus to alert the bus driver and never to bend down and grab it. A number of accidents happen this way, when a bus driver can’t see a child near the bus.

-Make sure you’ve secured all your child’s draw strings. This way they won’t get caught on the bus’ door or handrail when getting on or off the bus.

-Remind your young student to talk quietly when they’re on the bus.

-Make sure your child knows the importance of keeping the bus’ aisles clear.

-Tell your child that they are to remain seated on the bus and to keep their hands, arms, head and other objects in the school bus’ windows at all times.

Recent analysis of statistics concluded that the people that are most likely to be injured in a school bus related accident were people that were on the bus (46%). About 41 percent of the injuries were sustained by those who were in other vehicles and the remainder of the injuries occurred to bicyclists, pedestrians and other unknown persons.

The Indiana State Police will also be conducting a number of bus safety inspections throughout the year. They conduct safety checks each fall and winter. They’re also likely to conduct spot checks and post-crash inspections to help ensure the safety of your child and the safety of other travelers throughout the entire school year.

We’d like to wish all of our young students a safe and happy school year and remind everyone to keep safety as a top priority.

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