The Dangers of Indiana Head-On Collisions

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and National Highway Transportation Safety Administration conducts research and create publications to provide the public with relevant crash statistics and data to prevent accidents and promote traffic safety. The agencies found that driver-related factors accounted for 87 percent of Indiana motor vehicle accidents and 96 percent of fatal accidents. According to the report, Indiana collisions have risen in the past four years, and fatal accidents have increased by 7.5 percent during that time.

Research indicates that unsafe driver actions are the leading cause of collisions in the state. Unsafe driver actions include behaviors such as following too closely, failure to give the right of way and speeding. After unsafe driver actions, a driver’s loss of control was the next most common cause of Indiana car accidents. Unsafe driving and loss of control often result in a disastrous head-on collisions.

Head-on collisions occur when two cars in opposite lanes crash into each other. These types of crashes are more likely to occur on undivided and rural roads in the state. Other common reasons for head-on collisions are fatigued and distracted driving. Often drowsy drivers will drift into the opposite lane and into oncoming traffic. Head-on collisions are the most dangerous type of accident, and victims may suffer brain and organ damage, broken bones, paralysis, significant emotional trauma, and even death.

For example, a news report described a recent incident when two people died in an Indiana head-on collision. Police officials received calls reporting a wrong-way driver heading north in a southbound lane. The wrong-way driver collided head-on with a motorist in a Corvette that was in the northbound lane. The drivers of both vehicles died, and the passenger of the corvette received treatment at a local hospital. The corvette driver was an exchange student at IUPUI. The accident is under investigation; however, police officials believe that alcohol was a factor in the collision.

In some cases, it may be difficult to establish liability in head-on collisions because the impact may cause the drivers to end up in different locations than they were when the accident occurred. However, experienced attorneys can help assist injury victims in compiling the necessary evidence and calling experts to help support their positions. Experts can assist the judge or jury in determining fault and apportioning damages.

Have You Suffered Injuries After a Head-On Collision in Indiana?

If you or a loved one suffered injuries after being involved in an Indiana head-on collision, you may be eligible for compensation from the at-fault driver. Attorney Burton Padove has extensive experience handling these and other types of Indiana car accident lawsuits. Head-on collisions can be traumatizing and result in life-altering physical and emotional challenges. Many head-on collision victims require extensive medical treatment and ongoing physical therapy. Attorney Padove has recovered substantial compensation awards for Indiana car accident victims. Compensation frequently includes payments for past medical bills, current treatment, loss of wages, loss of support and consortium, and pain and suffering. Contact Padove Law at 877-446-5294 to schedule a free initial consultation about your Indiana car accident.

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