Understanding Liability for Indiana Roadside Accidents

Roadside accidents often occur when a driver traveling down a highway crashes into a vehicle stopped along the shoulder. When roadside accidents happen, determining who is at fault may prove complicated. Both the driver of a traveling car and a stopped car may also share responsibility for the collision. On other occasions, one party is clearly at fault for the accident. If you have suffered harm from an Indiana roadside accident, an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney can help you develop a theory of causation to prove that a negligent driver was responsible for your harm.

For example, as a recent news article tragically reported, three people were killed in a roadside car accident in LaPorte County, Indiana. The accident occurred when a car was traveling eastbound on the highway and left the travel lanes, heading toward the inside shoulder. As it traveled into the shoulder, the vehicle struck a parked car with its hazards activated. The force of the collision pushed the parked car into the center of the interstate. It then burst into flames. Sadly, three passengers died at the scene. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

What Are the Causes of a Roadside Accident?

A roadside accident can have multiple causes, including the negligence of drivers operating a traveling car or parked car involved in the crash. First, a traveling car that crashes into a parked car may not be paying attention to their surroundings. Drivers who take their attention from the road may veer into the shoulder of a highway and crash into a stopped car. Additionally, drivers may cause a roadside accident if they bob in and out of lanes too quickly. If drivers attempt to pass other vehicles by traveling along the shoulder, they could crash straight into a stopped car. On the other hand, the driver of the stopped car may also be responsible for a roadside accident. For example, drivers may fail to use their hazards or flash their lights in low-lighting conditions to alert other drivers of their presence. Alternatively, a driver may have negligently parked in between the road and the shoulder, causing other drivers on the roadway to clip their vehicle. To prevent a deadly roadside accident, all drivers should stay vigilant and pay attention to their surroundings.

Can You Sue for Damages After an Indiana Roadside Accident?

Following a roadside accident, Indiana law allows injured plaintiffs to bring a negligence claim against the driver responsible for their injuries. To hold a defendant liable for monetary damages, a plaintiff must prove the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, breached that duty by failing to exercise due care, caused the roadside accident and that the plaintiff suffered injuries as a consequence. An experienced Indiana personal injury attorney can gather evidence and develop a legal strategy to prove that a negligent driver was responsible for your injuries.

Have You Been Injured in an Indiana Roadside Accident?

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