Child Restraint Seats Recall

Child restraint systems sold by Dorel, Eddie Bauer and Costco have been part of recalls for failure of the system to meet safety regulations. There are numerous types and models that are a part of the recall so it’s best to go to the manufacturer’s website and locate your model to find out if the system is a part of a recall.   In the meantime, here are some tips.

Purchase Child Restraint Seats That Have Been on the Market for Five Years!

In numerous cases, product defect that cause safety hazards are not identified until the product is sued by mainstream society. So, waiting until the product has completely saturated the market will allow for unknown defects to be discovered and repaired before you purchase your product. Make certain that the plastic on the product has not expired which may elevate the risk for injury.

Read Product Instruction Manuals

Products usually come with an instructional manual. If there is not an instructional manual, you can probably order one from the manufacturer. Instrumental manuals let you know about risks that are associated with the product and ways to avoid those risks. The instructional manual shows you how to use the product safely.  Be certain to read the manual thoroughly and adhere to the instructions.

Check the Product for Defects Before Use.

You can scan your product and move assembled parts to help ensure that your product is safe. For example, check a child can seat system for cracks in plastic, frayed straps, difficult to use buckles and harness adjustors. Then, check the manufacturer’s website to ensure that the product has not been recalled.       

If You Discover a Defect, Contact the Manufacturer

Manufacturers will usually remedy defects by sending you a replacement part or additional part that can reduce or eliminate the risk of injury.

Do Not Use a Defective Product!

No matter how minor the defect may appear, even slight defects may pose a risk for serious injury.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, contact Burton Padove, personal injury lawyer, for a free consultation at 219-836-2200.


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