Chinese Dry Wall Lawsuits

A year ago, it was difficult to know who to sue for the health issues and property damage caused by defective Chinese Dry Wall located in homes across the U.S. Recently, a $2.6 million verdict came back in favor of seven Virginia homeowners who were adversely affected by Chinese Dry Wall. This verdict lays the foundation for thousands of others to receive financial compensation for the injuries they have sustained because of the dry wall. The Chinese Dry Wall lawsuit claims are being overseen by a federal judge in New Orleans. This is considered multidistrict litigation (MDL), but you can contact a local attorney if you feel you have been injured by Chinese Dry Wall.

If you have experienced serious respiratory infections, sinus infections, rashes, hair loss, hospitalization or irreparable damage to your home’s air conditioning unit, heating unit, electricity or plumbing, your damages may be linked to Chinese Dry Wall. It is not uncommon for all household members to become ill from Chinese Dry Wall.

People who live in homes with Chinese Dry Wall should evacuate because of the risk of toxicity and unknown long term side effects. There is also no viable means to remedy Chinese Dry Wall toxicity and damage, making the financial loss for property very high.  It is also unknown how Chinese Dry Wall will affect the groundwater supply in areas that have homes built with this type of dry wall.

Between 2001 and 2008, the chance that home were built with Chinese Dry Wall are higher when compared to other years. This is because of the real estate boom in those years which forced some home builders to go outside of the U.S. for dry wall and building supplies. In 2007, home builder incomes rose to nearly $768 billion.  The damage to property from Chinese Dry Wall includes:

  • Rotten egg smelling odor
  • Failure of appliances, including HVAC systems and coils in air conditioners, stoves and refrigerators
  • Corroded electrical wiring

Burton Padove, Indiana and Illinois lawyer, is available to help those who are injured because of defective products.  He can be reached at (877) 446 5294.

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