Dietary Supplement Recall Linked to Potential Allergen

Garden of Life, LLC. distributes several products that have not been linked to a recall. However, the company recently voluntarily recalled its Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin C Dietary Supplement product because it may contain undeclared soy proteins that some people may be allergic to. The FDA has reported that less than 0.2% of children and adults are sensitive to soy, but for those who are allergic the risk may be great.

People with allergies to soy may experience an upset stomach, abdominal pain and in rare cases a serious allergic reaction that may be life threatening.

Garden of Life, LLC conducted a sample test to uncover that several packages showed positive for soy proteins.  This recalled product was produced by a manufacturer that is not owned by Garden of Life. Regardless, Garden of Life quality control practices are still in place for products that Garden of Life distributes.

The only affected lots were distrusted between March 2009 and January 2011 or are the remaining in expiry. The Raw Vitamin C product was available online and throughout the U.S. in retail outlets and stores.

If you are uncertain if your products are contaminated, you can go to the company website or bring your unused portion to the place of purchase to receive a full refund.

Food allergens are discovered in products on the market throughout the year. When these discoveries are made, manufacturers and distributers will typically voluntarily recall the product. This means that the product will be taken off the shelves of stores and will not be available on the Internet.  This also means that you can usually take the product back to the place of purchase for a refund.  Yet, unless you read recall notices such as this one, you may not be aware of products in your home that have been recalled.

Overall, the risk of a foodborne illness is rare. Yet, rare is relational to the total number of people affected by the recall, which may consequently still be a great number, depending upon the extent of distribution.

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