Dietary Supplements Recalls, Totaling 62 Products

Sixty two dietary supplement products have been removed from the nationwide and international market following an investigation uncovering that the supplements contain steroid or steroid-like substances that were not approved by the FDA. The recalling firm is Bodybuilding.Com, Meridian, ID. The recall began in November 2009 and is still ongoing, including:

  • D-DROL capsules, D-Drol Complex 52.5 mg,
  • Bergamottin 25 mg
  • Liver Support Complex 300 mg, 60-count bottles, UPC 871938009560.
  • DIENE DRONE capsules50 mg
  • Enhancement Complex: Milk Thistle 100 mg,
  • Piperine 5 mg
  • Luteolin 4 mg, 60-count bottle, UPC 893461001194.
  • Liquid drone UTT anabolic suspension, 12.5 mg, 60 mL bottle, UPC 893461001279.
  • HYPERDROL X2 capsules,50 mg
  • X2 Support Matrix 260 mg, 120-count bottle, UPC 791851111266.
  • MASTAVOL capsules, 10 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 649241879732.
  • REVAMP capsules, 30 mg, 10 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 649241873501.
  • ULTRA MASS STACK capsules, 40 mg, 10 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 649241870913.
  • ULTRA RIPPED STACK capsules, 30 mg, 10 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 649241870906.
  • Finadex capsules, Finadex Proprietary Blend 695 mg, 90-count bottle.
  • STRAIGHT DROL capsules, 10 mg, 60-count bottles.
  • STRAIGHT PHLEXED capsules, 10 mg, 60-count bottles.
  • TESTRA FLEX capsules, 25 mg, 90-count metal cans, UPC 689076771733.
  • METHYLDROSTANOLONE tablets, 10 mg, 3 x 10-count blister packs in a box, UPC 094922593658.
  • EPI-TREN capsules, 30 mg, 10 mg, 90-count bottles.
  • Magna Drol capsules, 30 mg, 10 mg, 90-count bottles.
  • Epivol capsules, 30 mg, (10 mg, 90-count bottles.
  • Pheravol-V capsules, 10 mg, 90-count bottles.
  • M-DROL capsules, 10 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 891192002015.
  • P-PLEX capsules, 10 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 891192002046.
  • X-TREN capsules, 30 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 891192002091.
  • EPIO-PLEX capsules, 10 mg, 10 mg,
  • Milk Thistle 70 mg, AAKG 350 mg, Uva Ursi 125 mg, 90-count bottles.
  • FINABOLIC 50 capsules, 50 mg, 90-count bottles.
  • REVENGE capsules, 15 mg, 10 mg, 40 mg, 60-count bottles.
  • MethAnstane capsules, Proprietary Blend: 62.5 mg, 60-count bottles, UPC 895524000793.
  • Susto-Test Depot capsules, 100 mg75 mg, 155 mg, 75 mg, Magnesium 100 mg, Zinc 10 mg, Bioperine 10 mg, 90-count bottle.
  • ON CYCLE II HARDCORE capsules, 80% Milk Thistle Extract 100 mg, 25 mg, Lecithin (LPC) 20 mg, 10 mg, 30-count bottle, UPC 876436000637.
  • SUS500 softgels, 60-count bottles.
  • TREN-250 softgels, 60-count bottles.
  • T-ROID capsules, 30 mg, 90-count bottles, Hardcore Formulations.
  • 1 and 4 AD BOLD 200 capsules, 200 mg, 60-count bottles, UPC 854503001145.
  • 17a PheraFLEX capsules, (15 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 854503001176.
  • DYMETHAZINE capsules, 15 mg, 60-count box, UPC 854503001206.
  • 2a,17a Methadrol capsules, 10 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 854503001152.
  • BROMODROL tablets, Bromodrol Growth Complex 531 mg, 60-count foil packed tablets in a box, UPC 675941002507.
  • GROW TABS capsules, 582 mg, Proprietary Testopen Blend 250 mg, Bergamottin 50 mg, Bupleurum 50 mg, Hoelen 50 mg, 60-count foil packed capsules in a box, UPC 675941002521.
  • MASS TABS capsules, Proprietary Mass Tabs Blend 87,000 mcg, 30-count bottles, UPC 675941001494.
  • OXODROL PRO tablets, 10 mg, 60-count foil packed tablets in a box, IDS.
  • RIPPED TABS TR capsules, 300 mg; Energy XT Proprietary Blend, 257 mg; 60-count bottle, UPC 675941001623.
  • Massdrol capsules, 10 mg, 60-count bottles.
  • Phera-Mass capsules, 10 mg, 60-count bottles.
  • Trenadrol capsules, 30 mg, 60-count bottles.
  • MONSTER CAPS capsules, Milk Thistle 150 mg, Proprietary Blend 60 mg, 60-count bottles, UPC 689076956505.
  • Spawn capsules, 30 mg, 8 mg, 90-count bottles, Myogenix Products.
  • D-STiANOZOL tablets, 10mg, 60-count bottles,  UPC 8272386000284.
  • H-DROL tablets, 25 mg, 60-count bottle, UPC 8272386000369.
  • MD1T capsules, 50 mg, 20 mg, 90-count bottle, Nutracoastal.
  • Nutracoastal S-Drol tablets, 10 mg, 60-count bottles, Nutrcoastal.
  • TRENA tablets, 25 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 8272386000383.
  • 2a, 17a METHASTADROL capsules,10 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 089935100207.
  • TRI-METHYL X capsules, vitamin C 60 mg, Vitamin B-12 24 mcg, 60-count bottles, UPC 089935100214.
  • e-pol capsules, 30 mg, InSLINsified Proprietary Insulin Mimetic 250.5 mg, 60-count bottles, UPC 855279025144.
  • Nasty mass capsules, 10 mg, InSLINsified Proprietary Insulin Mimetic 250.5 mg, 60-count bottles, UPC 793214256904.
  • RAGE RV2 capsules, 150 mg, 90-count bottles, UPC 718122731350.
  • RAGE RV3 capsules, 60-count bottles, UPC 718122747122.
  • RAGE RV4 capsules, 60-count bottle, UPC 718122747320.
  • RAGE RV5 capsules, 60-count bottles, UPC 718122747221.
  • FINAFLEX 550-XD capsules, 60-count bottles, rd labs, UPC 689466048865.
  • FINAFLEX RIPPED capsules, 60-count bottles, UPC 689466130577.
  • FORGED EXTREME MASS capsules, Proprietary Blend, 60-count bottles, transform Supplements, UPC 788903093748.
  • FORGED LEAN MASS capsules, Proprietary Blend, 60-count metal cans, transform Supplements, UPC 788903057924.
  • RIPPED TABS TR tablets, Anabolic Amplifier Proprietary Blend, 60-count foil packed blisters per box, UPC 675941001623.
  • IForce Dymethazine/Reversitol Combo Pack, All lots and codes.

Please keep in mind that the above mentioned list may be incomplete. Consumers using any of the above mentioned products can visit the manufacturer’s website or call the manufacturer to find out if your product is part of the recall.

If you have been injured by an over-the-counter medication or prescription drug, contact Burton Padove for a free consultation at 219-836-2200.


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