Drivers Warned of Winter Weather and Increased Risks of Car Accidents in Indiana

Three were injured in a recent Indiana car accident. The Indiana State Police report that the two-vehicle accident happened around 7:00 a.m. just north of Winslow on S.R. 61.The accident reports state that a 31-year-old driver was driving along 61 when she lost control of her vehicle because of the black ice. She slid across the roadway and into the path of a truck. The motorists were taken to Deaconess Hospital and to Jasper Memorial Hospital. Officers report that everyone was wearing their seat belt when the accident happened.

Our Gary car accident attorneys understand that drivers face serious risks on our roadways through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Not only are the roadways crowded with holiday traffic, but motorists are left to deal with the onset of winter weather. To help preserve motorist safety on our roadways, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is here to offer some safe winter driving tips for drivers.

Winter Safe Driving: Ice and Snow, Take It Slow:

-Be Prepared: Before leaving your house, know the driving conditions. Check out weather and traffic conditions in the state.

-Clear It Off: Wipe off any snow on your car’s brake lights, headlights and windows.

-Check It Out: Examine your car’s tires, fluids, hoses, belts and wiper blades to make sure everything’s working properly.

-Time It Out: Leave with plenty of time to reach your destination to avoid rushing, aggressive driving or a traffic mishap.

Look Out For Mother Nature:

-The First Snow or Ice: Oftentimes drivers aren’t ready for the winter, or driving through it, and forget to slow it down. You’re urged to drive below the speed limit and to leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles.

-Black Ice: You may think a road’s dry, but it’s not. It can actually be very dangerous. Remain alert and slow it down when approaching off-ramps, intersections, off-ramps or bridges as these are all common areas for black ice.

-Limited Visibility: When you can’t see too well, slow it down!

-Four-Wheel Drive: When you’re driving on ice or snow, it’s important to drive slowly and cautiously, no matter what type of vehicle you own. Four-wheel drive may be able to get you going faster, but it’s not going to help you stop any sooner.

Caution Around Snowplows:

-Give ‘Em Room: These snow-removal vehicles are wide and can occupy several lanes of traffic. Never try to pass and never tailgate.

-Slow It Down: These vehicles travel slower than the posted speed limit. Give them plenty of time.

-Be Visible: These vehicles have a restricted field of vision. You might be able to see them, but they’re not always able to see you.

Car accidents are typically more common during the holiday season, adding in winter weather does nothing to reduce these risks. That’s why we’re asking driver to be cautious and remain alert on our roadways through the remainder of 2011 and well into 2012. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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