Indiana and Illinois Tractor Trailer Accident

Tractor trailer accidents in Indiana and Illinois are commonplace and can be very harmful to the driver, as well as, any other drivers or passengers in surrounding vehicles. It is not uncommon for the end result to be a severe life changing event for affected families members, let alone those who are injured.

Tractor trailer regulations are governed by the state. While regulations are stringent regarding vehicle maintenance, load limits and other safety precaution policies, enforcement of the regulations is difficult in light of the shortage of regulators, inspectors and troopers on the road. This leaves the safety in the hands of trucking company owners. Trucking company owners are obligated to meet safety standards with every load that leaves their driveways. Trucking company manufacturers are responsible to ensure that all vehicle parts are completely in an operational order. Yet, sometimes, there are defective auto parts and other times, trucking company owner employees may be inclined to cut corners when deadlines to hit the road and deliver goods in a timely fashion are the highest priority.

Personal injury attorneys who manage tractor trailer accident cases know how to access experts who can evaluate all factors that go into to tractor trailer accidents, including: load limit, breaking capacity, operational parts, and weather condition factors that may have impacted the course of the driver.

Whether you were a driver, passenger in a vehicle struck by a semi-truck or the semi trucker driver, you may be entitled to have your legal rights protected through a personal injury attorney. So, it is vital to seek out medical attention immediately following an accident and contact a personal injury attorney about your legal rights as soon as possible after the accident.

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