Indiana Child Custody Modification Application Questionable

Indiana child custody modification is a topic of discussion for many divorced parents thriving through career changes which may change their lifestyle or create the need for relocation. The court plays a role in lifestyle changes of divorced parents whenever the alterations in children’s lifestyles change. The court often must reevaluate to determine if the change supports the best interests of the children.

Recently, circumstances changed for an Indiana woman who was originally ordered to be primary custodian of her two children. This woman decided it would be in the best interest of her family to relocate over 30 miles closer to her job location. This decision brought up a contention in the law. Under Indiana law, children have a right to a stable home and the relocation stirred up concerns about the extent of stability due to relocation.

It is true that stability in the child’s environments, such as, the same school, same friends and social activities, offer stability. Of course, the availability of the parent to be home with children is important for stability as well. So, Indiana courts need to evaluate several factors when it comes to modification of custody rights.

Indiana courts are sensitive to all family members’ needs, particularly when revaluating custody arrangements. So, the Indiana court suggested more time should be allotted to allow for the discovery of information that provides evidence to support pros and cons of this legal case.

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