Indiana Supreme Court Rules on Citizen Rights

Indiana citizens no longer have the right to resist police from entering the home. Formerly, Indiana citizens had the right to not allow police officers to enter private homes if the resident indicated it was not their preference for any reason. This new case law came about after justices were faced with a decision to make in May when police officers had to respond to a domestic disturbance. Of course, in a situation, such as described, the preservation of all citizens’ rights and the protection of all citizens are the top priorities for police officers. As such, the court decided it was in the best interest of all parties to abolish the law, meaning that citizens cannot resist police entry into private homes when police officers deem entrance necessary.

In summation, it is unlawful for citizens to resist requests from police by blocking entry to places that police wish to enter. Police officers have the right to file charges against people who interfere with the proper execution of the law. Failure to cooperate with the police and violation of the law may result in a misdemeanor. In heated situations, like domestic disturbance or violence, there have been instances where people have attempted to block entry of the police not their residences. It is this type of inappropriate judgment that has caused the courts to step up to revisit the situation and adjust the law accordingly. Indiana law changes are swift when necessary.

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