Mass Transit Vehicle Accidents

Mass transit vehicle accidents fall into a different category when compared to auto accidents. From school busses, to municipal transport, governmental mass transit systems, and private mass transport, the laws protecting the rights of victims in mass transit accidents depends, in part, on the type of transportation and the respective insurance coverage.

Obviously, there are more risks involved with transporting a large number of passengers. In terms of liability for mass transit accidents, governmental laws offer immunity. In some cases, the degree of liability varies as well.  State statutes typically govern the laws regarding mass transit accidents. This is why it is extremely important to seek out the advice of a personal injury attorney who is familiar with the laws of mass transit. He or she will investigate your case to determine the validity of your claim in the eyes of the law. Once the preliminary investigation, called the discovery period, is complete, a lawsuit may be filed against suspected liable parties.

Liable parties may include other vehicles involved in the accident, property that created an obstacle and caused the accident, or any other variable that was a factor in the mass transit accident. In the end, there may be limits to liability, but appropriate compensation to ease the burden from suffering following an accident can be comforting with the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

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