The Meredia Diet Pill has recently been recalled by the Federal Drug Administration.  On October 8, 2010, this drug was removed from the United States Market, including Illinois and Indiana.  Previously, the Meredia Diet Pill had been banned from Europe and Australia.  The drug is manufactured by Abbot Drugs, located in Lake County, Illinois.

The pill’s generic name is Sibutramine Hydrochloride Monohydrate and has been sold under the brand names of  Reductil and Sybutrex.

There are very serious side effects associated with this drug. The drug has been known to increase the risk for health issues such as cardiovascular issues and strokes.  This is especially true in patients who had previously suffered cardiovascular issues in the past.

These side effects were reported by the New England Journal of Medicine last month. In the report, concerns were raised about the dangerous side effects and risks asspocited with the drug. It was also suggested that when compared to the drugs moderate benefits (minimum aid in weight loss to its users), the Meredia Diet Pill should no longer be marketed.  The editors referred to Meredia as another “flawed diet drug”.

In the 1990’s, a diet aid called Fen Phen was recalled after it was determined that its users could develop serious pulmonary and heart valve problems.   Many of those who suffered from such injuries were able to recover compensation for their injuries, damages and disabilities.

Burton Padove, Indiana and Illinois lawyer,  is available to help those who are injured because of the side effects such as heart issues, that may have been caused by Meredia.  He can be reached at (877) 446 5294.

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