Once a Countrywide Mortgage Holder Now an Identity Theft Victim?

If you are or were a Countrywide mortgage holder, you may be at risk of identity theft following a breach in computer security at the firm. The risk has been identified for hundreds of homeowners s who may or may not have received a notice from Countrywide if they have moved. The court has appointed Ben Barnow, Barnow and Associates, P.C., of Chicago, Illinois, and Burton H. Finkelstein, Finkelstein Thompson LLP, of Washington, D.C., as “Co-Lead Settlement Class Counsel”to oversee this class action lawsuit. However, lawyers from across the U.S. may able to represent your interests if you have been a victim of identity theft.

Countrywide has reserved millions to settle cases that they project will be brought against the company for this security breach. Under the current settlement agreement, mortgage holders who had their information stolen by an outside party are entitled to receive the following compensation, but costs may be significantly higher if you are a victim of identity theft. Remember, it is unknown if or when the thieves will attempt to use the mortgage holders’ personal information.  For this reason, it may be wise to contact an attorney to see if you may be entitled to other compensation because once you accept the proposed settlement, you will not be able to file any other lawsuit against Countrywide for this security breach.

The Proposed Settlement Benefits

  • Triple AdvantageSM Premium credit monitoring for a two year term so that you can be on the look out for identity thieves that tap into your credit.
  • Six hour time reimbursement for the time you dedicate in the investigation and taking precautions against the perpetrators.
  • Up to $90.00 for check printing costs should you decide to close your bank accounts as a precautionary measure to protect yourself from harm.

For more complete information, visit www.cwdataclaims.com

Remember that affected mortgage holders are not obligated to accept the proposed settlement.

If you have been a victim of computer security breach, contact Burton Padove for a free consultation at 219-836-2200.

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