Recall of Roman Shades Due to Strangulation Scare

Roman Shades have been recalled by several companies over recent months following reports of strangulation in children the used the blind chords. Most recently, Ethan Allen joined the recall to include over 150,000 Roman Blinds. There were no reports of injury. However, all people using the Roman blinds should immediately take them down, store them in a safe place, return to the manufacturer or discard them. This recall affects all models and styles of Roman blinds.

Strangulation Risk

There are several ways that children can be strangled by Roman blinds. Children may place their neck between the inner cord and fabric when trying to look out the window or while playing near the blinds. Children may pull the cord out and wrap it around their neck. There is also a looped cord in which a child’s neck may get caught. Strangulation may involve a struggle which has the potential to tighten more around the neck. The end result may produce the inability to breathe, low blood pressure, chest pain, shock, stroke and death.

Roman blinds have been sold for more than ten years and have become extremely popular in recent years. Roman blinds are appealing for their modern, stylish appearance. Roman blinds are designed with a fabric fold, touting benefits of light filtering and insulation.  Not all Roman blinds have been involved in recalls. There are Roman blinds with wood toggles and no cords which eliminate the risk of strangulation when compared to those like the Ethan Allen Roman blinds.

Safety Precautions

  • Cordless blinds should not be used in households with children
  • Cordless blinds should not be used in households where children visit
  • Check blinds thoroughly for any chords that might be dangling from the front, side or back.

If your child or a loved one’s has been seriously injured because of Roman Blinds, contact Burton Padove for a free consultation at 219-836-2200 or 877-446-5294 for nationwide callers.

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