Recovering from an Indiana Truck Accident

When driving, you often share the road with vehicles much larger than the one you’re in. As a result, it’s important to proactively keep an eye out for trucks, buses, and other large commercial vehicles. Often, Indiana truck accidents have significant consequences because truck drivers fail to live up to the expectations the law places upon them. When this occurs, truck drivers and their employers may be liable for an accident victim’s injuries.

In Indiana, truck accidents are common. According to a recent news article, the driver of a pick-up truck was pronounced dead following a head-on collision in Indiana County. The deceased was struck by a tri-axle truck that crossed the center line of the road, causing the two trucks to crash. The pick-up truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene, and the condition of the four other passengers in his vehicle is unknown.

In Indiana, there are various laws governing truck accidents. For example, the Indiana Department of Transportation has established its own set of trucking regulations that cover requirements such as obtaining permits and oversized loads. There are also federal laws governing commercial trucking in the United States, with standards covering details such as inspections, transportation of hazardous materials, licensing, use of mobile devices while operating a vehicle, and emergency signal equipment. These elements could be important for establishing liability if you are the victim of a truck accident.

In truck accident cases, establishing liability can often be challenging. To prove that the other party is at fault, potential plaintiffs must show that the defendant was negligently operating their vehicle and failed to exercise reasonable care while on the road, which led to the accident. When truck accidents occur, it is often common for the at-fault truck driver or their insurance company to attempt to blame another party. For instance, the defendant may argue that because their tires were faulty, that it was the tire manufacturer that was actually responsible for the accident.

Because truck accident claims involving significant injuries can often be complex to navigate, potential plaintiffs are advised to hire an experienced attorney to best represent their interests. Although these collisions may initially only involve one or two defendants, these claims can quickly expand in size as the at-fault party attempts to shift its responsibility onto other entities. When this occurs, having an experienced lawyer can make all the difference when holding the defendants responsible and obtaining financial compensation for your injuries.

Have You Been Injured in an Indiana Truck Accident?

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