Recovering from Indiana Car Accidents Occurring in Parking Lots

We’ve all felt it—the anxiety of trying to pull out of a parking lot into a busy road. On days where the parking lot and the roadway are busy, the anxiety is even greater because others are waiting on you to find an opening so that they can also get on their way. In these instances, however, the utmost caution is required to avoid an Indiana car accident. Taking unnecessary risks in a busy roadway could lead to fatal consequences, both to the driver and those with whom they share the road.

According to a local news report, two fatalities were reported following an accident outside a gas station. Evidently, a Jeep was exiting a gas station parking lot when it collided with a motorcycle. The motorcycle was driven by a man, and there was a female passenger on the back. Local authorities later reported that both individuals died from their injuries after the crash. Law enforcement and police accident reconstruction are still investigating the cause of the accident and establishing a timeline of events.

Even before pulling out onto a busy road to exit a parking lot, the parking lot itself can be challenging for drivers. When navigating parking lots, drivers are truly tested on both their driving skills and their patience. Sometimes, however, even the most experienced and skillful drivers find themselves in a tough spot because others are distracted and driving carelessly. If an accident occurs in a parking lot, determining who is at fault may be a complicated question. The most common accidents involve (1) a driver backing out of a parking space and colliding with a car proceeding down the road or (2) a driver pulling forward out of a parking space into a car moving down the road.

In the first scenario involving a driver backing out, the driver in the parked car should not back out of their spot until the road is clear, and it is safe to proceed. In accidents where the driver backs out into another car that is driving by, the parked driver is often found to be at fault. In the second situation involving a driver pulling forward out of parking space into the roadway, they are also typically the at-fault party. The car that was in the roadway usually has the right-of-way.

If you are injured by someone pulling out of a busy parking lot because they did not account for the distance between your cars, the other party may be at fault. As the car proceeding down the busy roadway, you have the right-of-way, and the other party should have used caution to make sure they had enough room to enter the roadway without causing an accident.

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