Strawberry Banana Smoothies Recall

Strawberry Banana Smoothies sound so healthy who would ever expect that there could be risks associated with drinking such a great Smoothie. However, Strawberry Banana Smoothies have been taken off the market by distributors and manufacturers, f’real® foods and Smith’s Dairy Products Company. The notice for recall the Strawberry Banana Smoothies was sent out after testing by the manufacturer that uncovered a different flavor comparison for the 16 oz. lot number 6/21/2012 Strawberry Banana Smoothies. The result of the comparison was that the level of peanuts contained in one Smoothie lot could lead to a serious or life threatening illness for people that have allergies to peanuts.

f’real® foods is a company that creates, sells and markets milkshakes, smoothies and frozen cappuccino beverages that are made from ” true ingredients”, such as, ice cream, fruit, milk and coffee. They also have a dedicated food safety program in place to monitor and distribute products for the highest quality level. The company contacted the companies who were selling the affected Strawberry Banana Smoothies by phone and in writing to inform them about the risk and the recall.

Consumers who have Strawberry Banana Smoothies should not drink the Smoothies and can contact f’real® at 1-877-367-7325 for a refund.

Most people would never suspect that food and drink could pose a risk for personal injury. However, there are many food borne illnesses linked to food and drink every year. Manufacturers are responsible for the safety of their food and drink. The CDC and other authorities help to regulate and enforce the safety of food and drink.

People with allergies need to be particularly careful about the food and drink in their diet. Before introducing a new food or drink into your system, you should always check the ingredients, investigate information about the manufacturer, and review the manufacturer’s information on their website about their food or drink. Then, it might be wise to slowly introduce the food or drink into your diet.

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