What You Should Know about Military Disability Compensation

You have the right to ask for help. Claims for disability can be filed at your local VA office, VA medical facility and online. You may also request the assistance of a private attorney who can help to ensure that your claim is filed properly. This particularly holds true should you disagree with the disability rating you receive from your physician or if you have received a denial for your claim. * Your disability rating relates to the amount that you would be awarded for your disability.

Meet Deadlines. As with all applications, there are deadlines. Do not miss any deadlines under any circumstances. One deadline you will not want to forget about is the appeal deadline. Should you appeal your disability rating, you must file your appeal (Notice of Disagreement) within a year following the denial or rating decision by the VA.

You can learn about deadlines from the above mentioned parties

Rest Assured that Increased Compensation is Possible. You may receive reconsideration for your denial and possibly increase your disability rating for a higher compensation rate should your condition become worse over time.  These conditions include, but are not limited to, Post Traumatic Stress and back pain.

Hire a Lawyer for Appeals. The appeals process can be complex. It is wise to omit any risk of inaccurate or incomplete information. For this reason, it is advised to visit a Veteran’s Disability Attorney who can prepare Veteran Disability paperwork, file appeals and attend Board of Veteran Appeals hearings with you.

If you need a lawyer, call Burton Padove at 219-836-2200.


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