Social Security Disability Law

If you are one of estimated 3.3 million who plan to file for social security disability this year, you may wish to read this article. While, you may appeal a denial decision up to five times before you receive a final rejection f or your claim with SSI, you want to consult with a social security disability lawyer to learn how you can prevent delayed payments, denial, incomplete application or re-application information.

Since roughly 80% of Social Security Disability Claims are denied the first time around, it’s important to do your homework before filing your claim. The following information cannot provide adequate information for you to make well-educated decision about your security disability claim. Yet, it may encourage you to seek out assistance when completing your documentation. Check out the top five things you’ll want to know about social security disability benefits.

  • Errors or missing information can back log your claim for 4-6 months. Work history and payroll tax payments must be verified to qualify for social security disability.
  • Approximately 85,000 U.S. citizens are injured daily and may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits since SSI does not require that the disability be job related.
  • SSDI is a US Federal program funded by payroll taxes.
  • Eligibility for benefits begins wit the criteria that the injured party has not been able to work for 12 months.
  • At 65 years of age, SSDI converts to socials security benefits.
  • Nearly 13 million receive social security disability benefits annually.
  • If you have a partial disability or short-term disability, you will not be eligible for social security disability benefits.

If you need a lawyer, contact Burton Padove at 219-836-2200.

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