Attn. Indiana and Illinois Residents: Class I Recall Pain Pump

Pain pumps used during and/or following surgery for medical procedures are generally safe. In fact, advancements in pain pumps have taken the fear, anxiety and discomfort out of surgery for many people throughout the U.S.

At Padove Law, we like to keep you informed about recalls that may occur with many types of medical devices over time. Such is the case for a recent CLASS I RECALL announced by the Food and Drug Administration for Moog Medical pumps, including: Curlin 6000 CMS, Curlin 6000 CMS IOD, PainSmart, and PainSmart IOD.

Not all of the company’s medical devices were recalled, but a specific group that was distributed from May 2007 to February 2011. A CLASS I RECALL signifies the need for healthcare professionals to take immediate action to return affected models to the manufacture due to the discovered risk of serious injury or death that may result with the advent of an uncovered defect in the medical device.

The risk becomes evident when this medical device pump is triggered to signal an error message, denoted by, Error Code 45 (EC45). Error Code 45 is truly a message that indicates the pump is shutting down.   The Food and Drug Administration has reason to believe that the shutdown may pose a risk for serious injury or death. So, this is way that a recall is rated CLASS I.

To date, there have not been any reports of injury or death. So, the early detection of this defect may have saved lives.

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