Indiana DWI Law and Personal Injury Review

Indiana imposes stiff penalties for people with a DWI. Everyone today is likely to have heard the old adage, “No drinking and Driving”. Everyone today is likely to know the value associated with having a designated driver in your companionship on days or evening of drinking. Still not everyone knows the implications associated with a DWI in terms of personal injury to yourself or others. People injured by drunk drivers tend to experience some of the most debilitating injuries.

Are You A Drunk Driver? Know the Law

Generally speaking, if your blood alcohol level (BAC) is at .08% or more, you are considered a drunk driver in the state of Illinois. In addition, there is a special criterion for truck drivers or commercial vehicle drivers and people under 21 years of age. Truckers and commercial vehicles drivers may not exceed .04% in their blood content level. People under the age of 21 have a limit of .02%

Once a driver has reached or exceeded the specifications that qualify for a DWI, your quality of life may vastly change and so may the people who are also involved, if there is an accident. Furthermore, it is considered a felony offense if anyone of any age obtains a second offense or if serious personal injury to another individual occurs. DWI offenses that do not involve serious personal injury to another party result in license suspension for up to 5 years, depending upon the severity of the offense. First time DWI offenders in Indiana may be eligible for the deferment of penalties provided they complete an alcohol treatment program. DWI charges may be dismissed once the program is complete. Second time DWI convictions require mandatory prison sentence and felony convictions following three of more convictions require a 6 month minimum imprisonment.  Once a drunk driver is considered habitual, the prison sentences may be as long as five year or more.

People with DWI convictions may also be personally sued in cases involving personal injury to another party. People who have been seriously injured by a drunk driver are entitled to compensation for their injuries, including: loss of current and future wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses and the impact of the injury on other family members.

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