Chantix Target in Litigation Again

Lawsuits involving the manufacturer of Chantix surfaced appropriate two years ago when it was discovered that there was a high number of people who demonstrated hostility, violence, were at risk for suicide or committed suicide following use of the quit-smoking drug. In short, an elevated number of people using Chantix experienced one or more types of psychotic behaviors following use of the drug.

Recently, a Vermont man using Chantix murdered his mother and Chantix has been a focus in this litigation. The plaintiff’s attorneys contended that the man was under the influence of Chantix when he murdered his mother. This Vermont man is now facing seven to fifteen years in prison.

Since it was first discovered the Chantix is linked to psychotic behavior, Pfizer, the manufacturer, was required to place a black box warning on the drug label. Chantix was approved by the FDA

in 2007. The first reports of violent behavior linked to Chantix were documented in 2007.

The Vermont man who murdered his mother visited his physician roughly three weeks before the murder complaining of odd and unusual behavior. The physician had taken the Vermont man off the Chantix. The suspected effects of Chantix once someone is in a psychotic state, depend upon the extent of psychosis. Some people who are in a psychotic state are hospitalized to treat psychotic symptoms. Other people are closely monitored and expected to the return to their physician’s office, if symptoms persist or become worse.

People who display psychotic symptoms must be closely monitored by family members or surrounding loved ones as people who have psychotic symptoms may not be helpless without assistance through intervention. A psychotic state may also be called psychosis, which is typically treated on an in-patient basis or sometimes an out-patient basis, depending upon the extent of the psychosis. Medications to treat psychosis may take up to three weeks to experience benefits. In some cases, medications may need to be adjusted or changed once initial results can be quantified.

There is no scientific data to demonstrate the link between Chantix and psychotic episodes. However, France has taken Chantix off the market and the U.S. had issued s black box warning, which is the most serious type of warning for a drug label.

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