Patient Warning for Prescription Drug Use

Prescription drugs are often a target of litigation for a variety of reasons. In some cases, risks relating to prescription drugs are not disclosed to the patient through the drug label so patients cannot truly make an informed decision about the drug to weigh the risks against the benefits. In these cases, a lawsuit may be appropriate if the patient experiences a serious illness when the risk becomes a reality. In other cases, the drugs are not properly manufactured which may lead to an improper dosage that may pose a risk to a patient.   There are other several reasons why a lawsuit may be brought against the manufacturer of a drug when it relates to a life threatening illness that a patient encounters after taking the drug.     So, the following tips are designed to assist in in preventing the risk of a life threatening illness from a prescription medication.

  • Ask your physician to describe the risks and benefits associated with the medications you are being prescribed.
  • View your prescription before you leave your physician’s office. If the names of the drug, dosage or directions are not legible to you, ask the physician to clarify and write it down for your own records.
  • When you receive your medication, ask the pharmacist to describe what you are taking the medication for and review the instructions with them.
  • Check your drug tablets to see if they are the same as you have received in the past.
  • If you experience side effects from a drug, report it to your physician immediately.
  • If you are receiving more than on prescription or are already taking medication make sure that the pharmacist discusses interaction risks with you.


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