Cold, Cough, and Allergy OTC’s removed from Shelves

Anytime you see an empty shelf at a drug store, your first inclination may be to think that the drug store has run short on supplies. So, you may look towards the right or left to see other products that you can choose from. In the case of Cold, Cough and Allergy over-the-counter drug products, you may have to scan your eyes further because over 20 Cold, Cough and Allergy over- the-counter drugs have been pulled from store shelves throughout the U.S.

This time the names of the drugs that are recalled may not be recognizable. There are many versions of cough, cold and allergy drugs that contain similar ingredients and the brand name of the drug may sound similar to the active ingredients listed on the label. It is some of these types of versions that have been recalled.

Anytime an active ingredient consists of a prescription strength concentration level, the drug must be properly evaluated for safety, effectiveness and quality. Independent clinical trials, often funded by the manufacturer, must be conducted to rule and identify risks, including risks for people considered in the high risk category. People in the high risk category are often people who take other medications because some prescription medications may harmfully interact with the over-the-counter product and/or other medications you are taking. People in the high risk category may also be people who have certain medical conditions which may make them more sensitive to the results of taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

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