Humira Defective Drugs Law Suit

Humira, manufactured by Abbott for the treatment of arthritis, has been known to cause a fungal infection, which may be life threatening in certain people who may be considered candidates for the medication. Since all medications have some level of risk,  this may not be a surprise. Yet, what is a surprise is that some suspect that Abbott did not disclose this risk to the public until after the company had distributed the medication nationwide.

In 2010, Abbott Laboratories filed a letter to make physicians aware of the risk of fungal infection associated with Humira use. However, some contend that Abbott knew about the risk of fungal infection for quite some time before the company issued the warning to physicians.   In 2008, the FDA required Abbott to warn physicians about several fatal risks associated with Humira, such as, Histoplasmosis.

Other side effects associated with Humira include: optic nerve damage, lymphoma, vision issues and other nerve damage.

In 2003, Abbott released Humira for the treatment of Arthritis. Since  then, Humira has been used for the treatment of several other illnesses. The annual sales for Humira are suspected to be over $6 billion.  FDA investigations about approved drugs occur over time. The FDA gathers adverse event reports provided by physicians and patients as the adverse events occur.  When the adverse events reports demonstrate a red flag indicator, the FDA further investigates and may issue warnings or request corrective action on the part of the manufacturer or distributor, depending upon the suspected responsible parties.  Numerous law uits have already been filed.

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