Indiana Law Changes Affect Planned Parenthood

The Indiana Legislature has decided to take away the allocation for public funding for Planned Parenthood recently, a notable change in the new abortion law. Indiana is now the first state that will not provide funding for abortions. Planned Parenthood funding has been eliminated effectively immediately.  In fact, soon Medicaid patients may be a risk of a cut off from services as well.

This Indiana law means that it is also the first state to deny Medicaid funds for preventive health services as well, including:  gynecological pap smears and breast exams.  Missouri and Texas have also eliminated Medicaid grants for family planning. The Indiana Right to Life program also supports this claim.

Indiana abortions are also banned following the 20th week of pregnancy unless the pregnant woman is at risk of a life threatening illness.

Indiana law changes may be coming about in several other areas as well. There are several bills that have been signed into law.  The goal in the modifications of laws is to better meet the needs of people overall in Indiana. For example, there are several tax laws that have shifted on topics relating to: environmental remediation, retirement planning, schooling, student loans, fringe benefits, and several other areas.

When bills are introduced, there are lobbyists and other interested parties that advocate for the bill to be made into law. At times, this process can be time consuming over the course of months or years. More recently, several bills have transformed into law at a speedier pace. This may be due, part, for the need to reevaluate economic forecasts in Indiana swiftly in order to respond to   current economic demands.

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