Indiana Physician Sited for Charging Patients for Treatment Not Rendered

Indiana physician Mark Weinberger must now contend with over 20 criminal counts of billing insured patients for treatment he did not perform. The U.S. Judge Philip Simon in the Northern District of Indiana recently rejected a plea agreement in which Mark Weinberger’s attorney suggested he receive four years in prison for his dishonest behavior. Collectively, all charges suggest that Mark Weinberger may be facing 220 years in prison to account for every break in the law. The District’s chief judge concluded that four years in prison was not substantial enough to cover over $300,000 in damages resulting from his behavior.

The precise charges that Weinberger faces is that he committed fraudulent billing,  during the time that he directed the Merrillville Center for Advanced Surgery LLC and Nose and Sinus Center LLC. In addition, he is facing hundreds of medical mal practice claims and nearly 6 million in creditor claims. The story first began in 2004 when one of his patients died and he abandoned the country days later.  His return to the U.S. did not go without a hunt because he failed to surface until he was discovered five years later in the Italian Alps.

Federal court docket records reflect that the plea deal was too lenient in light of the devastation that was caused by his actions.

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