Pharmacy Mistakes: Be Aware

Pharmacy mistakes have been vastly reduced with the assistance of computerized systems that monitor and track patient data, including: past medication history, current medication history, and the potential interaction between drugs, including: side effects associated with drugs you are taking or will be taking.

This provides for labels to be automatically printed with vital information to help you make well informed decisions about the medications you are taking or plan to take. Pharmacists are then obliged to review information about new medications you are taking and remind you about pertinent information regarding medications you have already taken, if necessary.

This system helps to reduce the risk that you will suffer from a complication if you take more than one drug since some drugs negatively interact with each other. This system also helps to inform you about restrictions while taking medications and ways to possibly reduce risks from medications.   Your physician will also consider other drugs you are taking and possible side effects before writing a prescription for a new drug.

Yet, a recent ¬†INDIANA lawsuit suggests that sometimes, pharmacy mistakes may still happen. This case involved a CVS pharmacist who did not inform a woman about the risks associated with taking OsmoPrep, a drug that can negatively interact with Lisinopril, another drug she was taking. After this woman took her initial OsmoPrep prescription, she did not experience kidney damage (a possible side effect of OsmoPrep). After taking her second prescription, her kidneys failed, causing a life threatening situation that she may have to contend with for the rest of her life. In the end, it’s important to be aware that pharmacy mistakes may still occur. This is why it is important to check prescription label before you take medications, weigh the risks against the benefits and seek out the advice of a personal injury attorney if you suspect any negligence and have been harmed by a drug.

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