Lawsuits and Drug Side Effects

When you go to a physician and they prescribe a medication, do they review drug side effects with you? Maybe, maybe not. Physicians are dedicated to protecting your health. Yet, this does not mean that they fully educate you about the drugs that you are taking. They are there to diagnose medical conditions, offer treatment options and alternatives to treatment. They are obligated to tell you about any complications you may experience from proposed treatments. However, they may not fully prepare you for the list of side effects that are associated with proposed medications. It’s often the pharmacist that reviews drug side effect risks and reviews your history to ensure that the drug you are supposed to take will not adversely interact with the drugs that you are currently taking. Some may say that the pharmacist has become part of the check and balance system in healthcare.

For this reason, lawsuits involving drug side effects are not usually considered medical mal practice. Lawsuits involving drug side effects are often considered defective drug liability cases. The validation of legal cases involving drug liability is determined by several factors. One factor relates to the informed consent process. Information about the drug’s side effects is presented in the package insert of the drug, on the manufacturer’s website and in advertisements that appear on television, radio or in print.

It is important to note that new drug side effects may be uncovered after a new drug filters through the mainstream population. Manufacturers gather reports from individuals that have suffered from new side effects. The FDA may receive reports from people that have suffered new side effects. At this time, the manufacturer and the FDA attempt to educate the public about the newly discovered side effect. The manufacturer also alters the package insert and advertisements in order to disclose the new drug side effects. A drug recall occurs when the number of reports becomes exceedingly high. At this time, the drug is recalled from the consumer market. People using recalled drugs may not be aware of the recall so warning letters are sent to those individuals about the recall. In the end, people should not ignore side effects associated with drugs. They should read package inserts and become fully educated about the drugs they are taking. People should report any side effects they experience to their doctor as soon as possible.

Burton Padove assertively represents the legal interests of people that have suffered serious harm from drug side effects. The types of serious medical conditions caused by drug makers that Burton Padove is filing lawsuits for include: Achilles Tendon Rupture from Levaquin, Skin Necrosis (death) from Gadolinium Contrast Dye used in MRI’s, heart attack and stroke from Yaz and Yasmin oral contraceptives, Lawsuits against the makers of these drugs have been filed. More lawsuits are expected to arise.

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